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Ceramic Band Heaters

The term “band heater” is used to describe an electric heater that is powered by a ceramic core. A ceramic core is composed of a series of interconnected ceramic tiles. The ceramic tiles are spiral-welded to form a ceramic band heater. The ceramic band heater uses resistance wire to heat the ceramic tiles. The heat generated by the ceramic core is then radiated to the surrounding environment.

The Ceramic Band Heater design comprise of a helically wound resistance coil finished from Nickel-chrome wire, evenly stretched and precisely threaded through specially designed ceramic insulating bricks, creating a flexible heating system.

The ceramic heating mat laterally with ceramic fiber insulation is fitted in a stainless steel housing finished with serrated edges, giving flexibility and ease of installation. They are particularly designed for energy conservation & improve the operation efficiency.

Advantages of ceramic band heaters

There are several key benefits of ceramic band heaters compared to other heaters, such as:

  • High temperature resistance: ceramic band heaters have a high temperature resistance rating, which allows them to operate at temperatures of up to 1,600℉ (870℉ C).
  • Durability: ceramic heaters are highly durable and can stand up to extreme conditions.
  • Flexibility: ceramic heaters come in many different sizes and shapes, so they can be tailored to fit different uses.
  • Efficiency: ceramic heaters have a very high efficiency rating, which can reach up to 90℉, and they are very efficient.
  • Low maintenance: ceramic heaters require very little maintenance