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Heating Elements

Mica Band Heaters

Heat One offers Mica Band Heaters in different sizes. These are flexible, inexpensive & reliable. These can be insulated for saving power up to 10%. The finest raw materials are being used. These are very simple to fit with their integral clamping arrangements. These can be round, flat or box section.

Mica Band Heaters are widely used to heat the molds, dies, nozzles and especially to heat the cylinders (barrels) on all type of plastic processing machinery. The mica heater is most economical.

Maximum sheath temperature upto 300° C . Maximum watt density = 25 watts / square inches. The built-in insulation is precisely designed for its superior heat-reflecting and performance qualities.

The most common square, rectangular and hex-shaped mica heaters can be manufactured as per customer specifications in one or two piece units. Available with leads or terminals. Heat One Technology's exclusive method of designing, maximizes the element wire coverage of the heated area. This results in uniform heat distribution & longer heater life.

Ceramic Band Heaters

The Ceramic Band Heater design consist of a helically wound resistance coil made from Nickel-chrome wire, evenly stretched and precisely strung through specially designed ceramic insulating bricks, forming a flexible heating mat.

The ceramic heating mat along with ceramic fiber insulation is installed in a stainless steel housing made with serrated edges, providing maximum flexibility for easy installation. These are specially designed for energy conservation & improve the operation efficiency.

Cartridge Heaters

Heat One Technology offers High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters in SS 304 & SS 316 with watt density of 12 watt/sq.cm & low watt density cartridge heaters in brass or SS 304 sheath with watt density of 4 watt/sq.cm. These are also available with in-built Thermocouple as per requirement. Different types of Terminations available on request. The heaters are designed for providing maximum performance & long life.

Ordering Information:

  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Wattage
  • Voltage
  • Wire lead length
  • Inbuilt Thermocouple required or not
  • Termination type


  • Cartridge heaters can be specified to meet the demand of special Application:
  • Moulds & Dies
  • Labeling Machines
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Laminating Equipment
  • Heating liquids & gases

Ceramic Strip Heater

The Ceramic Strip Heater is made of a helically wound coil of Nickel Chrome Resistance wire that is placed inside the heater. The coil is properly strung on the ceramic insulator before being mechanically connected to the screw terminals or lead wires as needed. The outer body is made of SS304 Stainless Steel Sheath which provides physical strength & resistance to high temperature upto 600°C. The resistance wire coil is enclosed in a ceramic insulator which has been particularly developed. The Ceramic Strip Heaters are available with or without mounting holes.

These heaters are also available with fins for air heating applications. The fins have been especially designed to maximise surface contact for good heat dissipation, thus resulting in rapid heat transfer to the air.

Performance Ratings
Maximum Sheath Temp 650°C
Nominal Watt Density 20W / in2 (3.1 W/cm2)
Electrical Ratings
Maximum Voltage 480V AC (Dependent on design parameters)
Maximum Recommended
Voltage w / Leads 240V AC
Maximum Amperage Lead wire termination
10 amp
Screw Terminations 10 - 32 UNF - 25 amp
Resistance Tolerance +10%, -5%
Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
Physical Size Construction Limitations:
5/8" Wide Heater +.000, -.005"
1" & 1.5" Wide Heaters +.000, -.010"
1/4" Thick Heater +.000, -.005
5/16" & 3/8" Thick Heaters +.000, -.008"
Up to 24" ±1/16"
Over 24" ±1/8"
Mounting Slot Size
Standard 5/16" x 1/2"
Special 1/2" x 5/8"


  • Ovens
  • Baking
  • Hot Plates
  • Incubators
  • Moulds & Dies
  • Air Heating & much more.

Tubular Air & Immersion Heaters

Tubular heaters are the most versatile & widely used for many applications. It can be formed in any shape to heat liquids, gases, solids and surfaces. Immersion heaters are mounted through tank walls using standard pipe couplings and are available in various sizes, heat capacities and sheath materials for heating oil, water, chemical solutions. Tubular heaters are supplied in Chrome Nickel Steel with nominal sheath diameter of 6.50mm and 8.00mm.

The helical wound heating wire is made of high temperature resistant Nic alloy. And the insulation consist of superior grade of Mgo. As the heaters are swaged, even at high temperature they have excellent electrical insulation and a high transfer. To protect the heater from moisture the connections ends are sealed with sealing components. Available in dia 4 / 6 / 6.3 / 6.5 / 8 mm & square section of 6mm x 6mm / 7mm x 7mm / 8mm x 8mm.

Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Heat One Technology offers short wave IR lamp in which heat is transmitted at the speed of light. These are in the form of electromagnetic rays. Short wave IR lamps are available in various sizes and with or without coating. These are also come in Single or Twin tube.

Beneficial in ON-OFF application. Short Wave IR heaters/lamps are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications. It consists of a Tungsten filament, helically wound, wrapped in a quartz envelope. Tungsten as a resistive element, may generate temperatures in excess of 2450°C. It has an extremely fast response time, releasing about 90% of IR energy in 1 second. Short Wave IR element has maximum heating rate of 200 Watts / inch.

Micro Tubular Heaters

Heat One Technology offers Micro Tubular Heaters which are adapted to a variety of applications. This is because of its capacity to be modified into any shape. Micro Tubular Heaters are swaged and compressed with magnesium oxide and a helical or straight resistance element. These heaters are used in tight spaces. Inbuilt thermocouples, such as J or K are also available. There are also circular and square sheaths available.


  • 360° heated area
  • Readily conforms to surface
  • Fast response and quick heat transfer
  • Helical Coil design for superior performance
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Available with thermocouple

Ceramic Infrared Heaters

CERAMIC INFRARED HEATERS Heat One Technology offers ceramic IR heaters composed of resistance wire embedded in a glazed ceramic body. The company embedding males installation in all position available. The glazing utilised in ceramic heaters has outstanding radiation characteristics. These heaters are available with different sizes, wastage & shapes. They are designed for operating temperature up to 750°C - 1000°C. The ceramic element is produced to optimise these essential and valuable characteristics, which translates into improved efficiency and quality in the radiated product. Applications include long wave radiation curing, heating and drying.

WARNING: This component part shall only be used where adequate electrical, thermal and mechanical barriers are provided to prevent access to hazardous parts without use of a tool.

Short Wave Infrared Heating Modules

Infrared Modules are the effective solution for using infrared heat technology. It can save the user money and time, but it is considerably less expensive than full infrared systems.

Medium Wave Infrared Heating Modules


  • Good Radiant Efficiency up to 80%
  • Very rapid Heat-up, Cool-down time 30 to 60 seconds
  • Watt density up to 40 watts / sq. inch
  • Infrared Wavelength Range from 2.5m to 3.0m
  • Low Power Consumption