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Polarization Cell Replacement

Polarization cell guards against induced AC current & Ground fault current on concealed pipelines. Polarisation cells authorizes low-level voltage of cathodic protection to unvarying flow and avoid hazardous voltages. Polarization cell comprise of several plates of steel arranged fixed and immersed in 30% KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) solution. Particularly selected oil layer to stop the evaporation of the solution to some extent. It is advisable to verify the solution level occasionally.

Polarization cell is fitted in see-through body to any inner voltage and perform as a grounding switch in existence of high voltage. Polarisation cell functions on electrochemical principle. Installed plates with big surface part polarize & permit in developing safe DC voltage appropriate for cathodic protection. As the voltage increases from DC or AC voltage, polarization film breaks and polarization cell conduct current. Particularly designed polarization cells have properties to retain solution level to the maximum period with especially added floating oil.

Polarization cells regulates flow of the potentially unsafe AC and DC current in buried surface protected lubricant & gas, water pipelines on the concealed metallic constructions. Grounding cells needs to be connected with high protection of gas airing.

Inappropriate installation might produce unsafe gases resulting to cause explosion and destructive to operators. The cells are harmless while using as per rated capacity specified in the information section to prevent rust.

C-5A Dimensions in mm

Height Upto Lid 175 Bottom Width
Height Overall 210 Top Width
Bottom Depth 115 Top Depth

Polarisation Cell models

Model Rated Capacity
Pass ½ sec fault
Pares of Plates Rated Max.
Capacity Amps
Temp Range Empty Weight Weight with
C-5A 5000 5 30 0-60 °C 2.3 kg 5.1 kg
C-25A 25000 12 175 0-60 °C 32.8 kg 41.0 kg
C-50A 50000 25 350 0-60 °C 42.0 kg 85.0 kg