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Tubular Air & Immersion Heaters

Ravi Electrical is a manufacturers, exporters, & suppliers of tubular air & immersion heaters in Mumbai, India. Tubular heaters are most adaptable & generally used for numerous applications. It can be molded in any shape to heat liquids, solids, surfaces and gases. Immersion heaters are mounted through tank walls by means of pipe couplings and are offered in numerous sizes, heat capacities and sheath materials for heating water, chemical solutions, oil. Tubular heaters are supplied in Chrome Nickel Steel with nominal sheath diameter of 6.50mm and 8.00mm.

The helical wound heating wire is made of high temperature resistant Nic alloy. Insulation comprises of superior grade of Mgo. As the heaters are swaged, though at high temperature they possess very good electrical insulation and a high transfer. To prevent the heater from moisture the end of the connections are sealed with sealing solutions. Available in dia 4 / 6 / 6.3 / 6.5 / 8 mm & square section of 6mm x 6mm / 7mm x 7mm / 8mm x 8mm.

The Tubular Heater is designed to be either straight or configured with one or more bends. They are utilized for both immersion and air heating applications. Of all heating applications, the Tubular is considered to be the most dependable and versatile in terms of wattage, termination, material, mounting, and length options. With a wide range of application options available, the Tubular can be tailored to meet almost any customer requirement. We are happy to provide customers with any termination they may require for their order of Tubular Heaters.

Tubular Applications

The following are some of the most common applications are: plen heating, metal mold, tank heating, freeze protection, thermoforming, medical and analytical devices heating, combi oven, rotisserie oven, steamers, warming cabinets, convection oven, conveying ovens, smokers, fryers, warewashers, griddles, radiant heating, vacuum applications, fluidized beds, circulation heating.